Zion United Methodist Church
Friday, December 19, 2014
Stepping out in faith to be Christ to others in the world
Welcome to Zion UMC!
8700 Courthouse Road
 Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553
540 582-6532
Traditional Service starts at 11:00am Sunday
Come be a Part of Historic Spotsylvania Courthouse.
Zion United Methodist Church has been meeting in Spotsylvania for over 155 years. Our church has seen many changes in our community but has always been a place of friendship and kindness even in our darkest days. Zion has always been an active part of the Spotsylvania community and always will.  Come be a part of the historic past and our glorious future.  Visitors are always welcome. Nursery is available during the traditional service for children under 3 years. 
Rev. Barbara M. Jacobs is always available for you to share your concerns and cares.
Zion's Cemetery Project
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Rev. Barb's Sermon is "Getting Ready"
Old Testament Lesson          Isaiah 61: 1-4, 8-11
Epistle Lesson                      1 Thessalonians 5: 16-24
Gospel Lesson                     John 1: 6-8, 19-28


Vitality Team Prayer

Father in Heaven,

Hear the prayer of your children at Zion United Methodist Church. Fill each of us with Your Spirit that comes from knowing we are saved by the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Through Your Spirit, make each of us aware of our purpose from you. Lead us to serve You through service in our community. Lead us into our mission field with confidence so the vitality of Your church will increase, faith in You will be felt by all and Your will and Your work will be accomplished through the ministry and works You call us to carry out. 

We pray this in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.   Amen.

Vitality Team Reports
     Our Vitality Team, formed following our participation in the conference "How to Reach New People," is already engaged in community ministry.  When we pledge our membership to Zion, we pledge to follow God's commandment to make disciples.  This is not only for the Vitality Team but for all of Zion!  
     If you have not already attended a Vitality Team meeting, please feel free to attend and experience first-hand our efforts.  We meet at Solid Grounds on the first Tuesday of each month at 10 am.  As you become aware of suggestions for activities, please be in prayer for those activities and the new people we will meet.  
     Rev. Barb's continues to reallocate 20% of her time in community networking through Prayer Service at Solid Grounds, office time at the Courthouse Café, and story time at Nanny's Place.  These suggestions come at the recommendation of our Coach, Paul Nickerson, who meets with us  monthly to review our progress and answer our questions.  He reminds us all--"Ministry is a contact sport."

Mid-Week Prayer Service

     Please take this opportunity to join together in prayer as a community of faith at 11:30am every Wednesday.  Also, please note that Prayer Service is now held at Butternut and Blue Cafe at Courthouse Village.

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The Zion UMC Emergency Food Pantry is a proud recipient of support from the Operation Rice Bowl Grant.

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