Zion United Methodist Church
Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Stepping out in faith to be Christ to others in the world

United Methodist Women




September 2018 Minutes

The Monthly Meeting of Zion UMW was held at 4-Seasons Restaurant at 4-Mile Fork, Spotsylvania, Va. at 6pm September 18, 2018. Our meeting was opened by Lisa Hockman. The UMW Purpose was read by Maxine Hulon. The Devotion --Importance of Community--  was given by President Headley Barnsley. Our UMW Prayer Calendar focus was on Christians in Japan and Sacred Presence written by H.Chang. This was presented by Dianne Williams.

Business Report

We received our Treasurer's Report from Joyce Messer. The 208 Trail Sale profit was $1106.50. There was $200.00 donation(for the Quilters) from the Trustees' sale of hot dogs.  The Community Garden received a $53 gift. Arlene Crislip recalled heartwarming events at the sale. 


  • There have been 147 quilts donated since August, 2018.
  • Arlene Crislip made a motion that UMW would provide cakes for the departure party for the Blalock's and the Martinsen's in October. It was seconded by Donna Lloyd and unanimously approved.
  • The  Living Into Our Purpose Form from our Rappahannock River UMW District was submitted on time, as was the Memorial Service Form for Bonnie Carter and Dale Pendleton.
  • It was good to see Libby Hall and Headley Barnsley, as they are recuperating from medical procedures.
  • Nancy Hicks and Headley B. will be attending UMW District meeting in Colonial Beach on Saturday, September 22.
  • We welcomed Mrs. Berlee Williams, friend of Margaret Rumuly and also our UMW friend. All 14 of us (Lisa H, Dianne W, Joyce M, Arlene C, Donna L, Libby H, Christine B, Maxine H, Sue C, Nancy H, Carolyn M, Headley B, Margaret R, and our dear Mrs. Berlee), enjoyed a good meal and fellowship.

Notes submitted by Nancy Hicks