Zion United Methodist Church
Thursday, August 24, 2017
Stepping out in faith to be Christ to others in the world


Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost                                August 30, 2017

"We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us"

Romans 12:6a




UMH United Methodist Hymnal                         FWS Faith We Sing 


Entrance and Praise




Welcome and Ministry of Attendance Greeting and Prayer

Introit                             "As the Deer"                              FWS 2025


*Call to Worship

Good morning Lord of all the earth.  Good morning God who has given us this new day.  We long to praise and serve you O Lord.  Help us to discover the spiritual gifts that you have given each of us.  We long to serve you Lord of Love.  Bless us and our gifts to your service as we worship you in Spirit and truth.  Amen.


*Hymn of Praise                    "For the Beauty"                    UMH 92


*Prayer of Praise

O Holy One, we come with a mixture of ups and downs in our lives.  We come wondering why we are here and what you need us to do.  So come Lord Jesus, our brother, and show us your blessing.  Come Holy Spirit, empower us to use these spiritual gifts you have lovingly bestowed upon us.  For it's all for your glory and praise.  Amen.


Gloria Patri:                                                                 

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost; as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.


Special Music                                                           Sanctuary Choir         

"What Does the Lord Require of You?


Proclamation of the Word


Glory Sighting Time

Children's Time                                                      Joyce Fairbanks                                                                                       


Prayer of Illumination

Lord, open our hearts and minds by the power of your Holy Spirit that as the scriptures are read and your Word proclaimed, we may

hear with joy what you say to us today.  Amen.      


Epistle Lesson                                                 I Corinthians 12:4-11

Epistle Lesson                                                         Romans 12:3-13


*Hymn of Preparation    "We Are All One in Mission"   FWS 2243                                               


*Gospel Lesson                                                   Matthew 25:14-30


Sermon                                                                            Pastor Kim                  


Response to the Word


Prayers of the People


The Lord's Prayer                                                      UMH, pg. 895      


Receiving our Tithes and Offerings  (Our offerings support the missions and ministries of the United Methodist Church locally, nationally, and globally.)


*Doxology:  Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;  praise him, all creatures here below; Praise him above, ye heavenly hosts; Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Amen

*Hymn of Commitment           "Cry of My Heart"            FWS 2165                                              


Ministry of Announcements



*Benediction and Congregational Response            "3-Fold Amen"


*Please stand as you are able




Mission and Ministry Calendar *

Worship Service at 8:45 and 11 am


August 20       Nominations Meeting with Lunch after Worship;                              Discuss Dr. Father Henri Nouwen's Book "The

                        Wounded Healer", 4pm, Fellowship Hall

August 23       Prayer Service, 11:30am, Butternut and Blue

August 27       Nominations Meeting with Lunch after Worship;

                        Messy Church, 4-6pm

August 30       Prayer Service, 11:30am, Butternut and Blue

September 6    Prayer Service, 11:30am, Butternut and Blue

September 9    Route 208 Trail Sale and Food Sale, 8am-1pm

September 10  Sunday School Kick Off, 9:30am

September 13  Prayer Service, 11:30am, Butternut and Blue

September 16  UMW Retreat, Book of Esther, 10am-2pm, Fellowship                    Hall, Pastor Kim

September 17  Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

September 18  Ladies Night Out, 6pm, Four Seasons Restaurant

September 20  Prayer Service, 11:30am, Butternut and Blue

September 23  UMW District Meeting, 9:30am-12:30pm, St. Matthias                    UMC






Sunday      -     Early Worship, 8:45am-9:15am; Choir Rehearsal,

                        10:30am; Regular Worship, 11am

Monday     -     Quilters from 10am-2:30pm

Wednesday -   RACSB from 10 am-1:30pm - fellowship hall; Choir,                       6pm

Thursday   -     RACSB from 10:30 am-2pm - fellowship hall

 Friday       -     RACSB from 10am-noon - fellowship hall





Church News


Dear Zion,

    The Nominations Committee will begin meeting in August.  People serve three-year terms for almost every ministry.  If there is some reason you feel you cannot fulfill your three-year term please let Pastor Kim know so we can find a replacement.  In the month of August we will be studying spiritual gifts so that we may all be aware of how we can best serve Jesus, through the work and ministry of Zion UMC.


Law Enforcement Appreciation

    On Sunday, September 17, Zion will be showing our appreciation and support for the Spotsylvania Policemen and Law Enforcement Officers.  Any questions, please see Pam Blalock.  Thank you for supporting this great cause!     

      Below are some items we will need:  Baked Goods--Cookies, Brownies etc (please wrap individually); Store Bought Cookies (individual packages, if possible); Granola Bars; Chips (Individual bags); Little Debbie Cakes; Candy Bars; Life Savers; Sugar Free Gum; Boxes of Pop Corn (microwavable); Gator Aid or Power Aid Drinks; Hand Sanitizer (individual size); Wet Ones; Dog Treats (Milk Bones or Training Treats); Sturdy Dog Toys (Balls or Rope Pulls). 


Rt. 208 Trail Sale and Bake Sale

     It’s almost here!  The 208 SaleTrail is coming September 8-9.  Zion will be participating on Saturday, 9 only.  I’m sure that all of you are ready to clean out and replace your old stuff with “new” old stuff.   The fellowship hall will be open 4-6pm Wednesday and Friday prior. We will begin setting up on Friday.  Then, we will carry everything out Saturday at 7am.  PLEASE remember to price your items.  Thanks.  Lisa


Book of Esther Bible Study

     Pastor Kim's Retreat on the Book of Esther Bible Study will be Saturday, September 16 from 10am-2:00pm in the Fellowship Hall,  8700 Courthouse Road, Spotsylvania, VA 22553


·         Read the Book of Esther(any translation),

·         Bring a Bible, journal and pen or pencil ...

·         Salad with various toppings will be provided... tea and lemonade will be served.


RSVP to zionumc@historiczionumc.org ; or 540-582-6532 by September 11, 2017.