Zion United Methodist Church
Friday, December 14, 2018
Stepping out in faith to be Christ to others in the world


     Time is moving too fast! Slow down, world! It will be when this newsletter goes out and 2017 will be getting close to half over!   How does this happen? As these days, and our lives fly by, it becomes even more necessary to make sure our time is used wisely. As the Vitality team moves throughout the year, we are constantly looking to be efficient, looking to be wise with our time, our money and our efforts.  We are committed to work wisely and make sure our efforts are organized, prayed about and well thought through.
     We are constantly evaluating efforts, our events. We, always, debrief each event.  What went well, where could we improve? Where could we streamline our event? Who did we reach? This is how we determine the future of each event.
     We believe that if we do our part and offer opportunities to unchurched persons, that the Holy Spirit will work. He is always at work. He will touch and change lives in His time, not ours. We don't know what the outcome will be from Zion's efforts, but, we must, by faith, believe that He knows. Even though the work is long, it is worth the effort.
     Please pray with us that hearts will be opened to the Lord and the whisper of the Holy Spirit. Invite a friend, a new neighbor, a work colleague to come to our activities. We all have a part in keeping Zion vital.

Your Vitality Team



Events for 2017


July 1                  -    Stars and Stripes

July 20                -     10-year anniversary food pantry celebration (instead of Spring Fling) 

September 9       -     208 Trail Sale, UMW leads

September 17     -     Police Appreciation Day

                                 (Deliver on September 18)

October 1           -     Blessing of the Animals

October 15         -     Firemen Appreciation Day

                                 (Deliver on October 16)

October 29         -     Trunk or Treat, 4-6pm

December 2        -     Spotsylvania Parade and Bake Sale - 1:00 pm

December 17      -     Living Nativity - 5-7pm